With the typical smartphone user aged 44 and below spending more than 93.6 hours per month on mobile apps, more and more entrepreneurs and company heads are investing in mobile apps to put their businesses on par with the competition.

What are the tangible benefits and advantages of using and investing in a business app? Look beyond the statistics and explore the practical benefits of allocating a portion of your budget towards mobile app development. In this article, we delve into the reasons why businesses should consider using an app and the efficiency gains they can expect from integrating a business app into their operations.

To stay visible

When you open your phone’s app menu or drawer, do you end up scrolling past a couple of apps before you find the app you were looking for? Chances are that your mind is unconsciously registering all the other apps that your scrolled past.

That’s a win for all the businesses that built those apps – they are getting seen and improving their brand recall. When you build an app for your business and it gets installed by users, you’re likely to get visibility, at the very least.

By developing a business app, you can streamline operations, achieve cost savings, improve mobile accessibility, and save time, resulting in enhanced productivity.

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To stay connected

Instead of having your customers reach out to you by taking multiple steps – for example by opening a tab on their browser to enter your website or by opening their social media handle and chatting with your business handle – wouldn’t it be easier to reduce all the steps in the middle and have then get in touch for enhanced communication with business app instead?

Customer engagement with business app makes it easier to share information, especially updates on offers, sales and shipping information, new product launches and how-to guides, waitlist sign-ups, feedback forms and consumer surveys. And of course, it helps your consumers get in touch with you faster, making enquiries, requesting customer service, sharing complaints and offering feedback. With improved data management and real-time insights, a business app empowers you to enhance customer engagement and deliver exceptional service.

To build brand

Your Business app can be an opportunity to not just build your business, but also to build your brand. Going back to your brand book – what are your brand personality and narrative like and how does it fit into your business goals and strategy?

These nuances should be finding their way into your mobile app and determining your app colours, shapes, fonts and of course, the content you add to the conversational AI or the notifications. And of course, the app is a crucial space to address the bigger consumer concerns as it relates to your brand.

For instance, athleticism and healthy eating might be a vital concern for the consumer of a sports brand and could find their way into the mobile app of this brand. By doing so, your app helps you stay connected to your consumers and gain a competitive advantage, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

If you haven’t noticed, the three big reasons why you should be building an app for your business all point to one important thing – resonance. The more your customers use your app, the more likely they are to buy your product or service.

This capability to build resonance is making businesses adopt mobile apps to grab the mind share of their consumer base ahead of their competitors. If you are thinking of staying ahead of the curve with a well-designed, interactive and content-rich mobile app that boosts sales, get in touch with us.

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