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90% of people have used social media to interact directlywith a brand. (source)

With social media surpassing phone and email as the first place people turn to in order to connect with a brand, how you project yourself on social media matters. So reach, connect and influence your audience with social media marketing services in their natural environment.

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    We address these needs. Which one is yours?

    We bring together platform insights, social media content trends, and a sharp sense of what your audience wants to create a holistic, iterative social media setup that addresses your objective.

    The end result: social media assets and content that continuously evolve to hit the right metrics and bring value to the business.

    Clients Speak

    Anuradha and the team have taken care of the execution of my social media marketing strategy for the last 2 years. Anu takes the trouble to understand her clients’ business, audience, and challenges in order to support all deliverables. They have worked with the brand aesthetic for my website and other creatives, been proactive and timely, and are very open to feedback which is how a true partner should be. Anu’s open and attentive involvement is an asset to anyone she partners with and I happily recommend We Think North

    Sailaja Manacha
    Founder, Physis

    Our process — The 8 steps that take your social media from average to awesome

    Our data-driven, creativity-fuelled method leverages social media to build brand value.
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    social media marketing services list
    It always begins with examining your target audience and how they interact with your brand and product. Then, personas and their digital behavior are developed on this basis.
    It’s time to audit your competitors’ social media activity and strategy. Also important: reviewing your own social media activity, starting from the posts, mentions and other activity over the past six months.
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    social media marketing services packages
    Here’s when your content pillars are developed, hashtag research is done and the right platforms are chosen for our brand. Your profile redesign activities are also done at this stage.
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    The social media calendar is under the spotlight now. Key marketing objectives, important trends and observances, and the brand voice guide the copy and design, along with client inputs.
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    social media marketing services pricing
    social media marketing services pricing
    Time to line up the posts for publishing, after client approvals. Now is also when the posts are boosted as per schedule, budget and performance.
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    Audience, not content, is king. That’s why we engage with our followers and influencers, curate trends and news, and conduct brand monitoring to identify and respond to comments and mentions.
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    social media marketing agency for small business
    reach, impressions, engagement, follower growth, traffic, leads — if the metric is vital to your business, it’s vital to us. We track these metrics and also engage in trendspotting.
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    What’s beyond the metrics? Well, there is the evolution of content based on the metrics. And scheduling, boosting, budget and strategy rejigs, in order to optimise.
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    Our process — The 8 steps that take your social media from average to awesome

    Our data-driven, creativity-fuelled method leverages social media to build brand value.

    We get asked this a lot

    FAQs about social media management

    Which social media marketing platforms do I need to be present on?

    A.First thing to remember is, you definitely need to be on one social media platform at the very least. That’s because an active social media presence gives you credibility. Now when it comes to choosing the platform you should be on, consider your brand and industry, your target audience on social media, and your resources and capabilities. For instance, a legal firm may decide to limit their presence to LinkedIn, while an art and design firm may choose to focus on Instagram and Pinterest. Your LinkedIn profile may be focused on attracting clients while your Instagram handle is to engage with employees. You may choose to develop and consolidate content for Instagram and Facebook first before hiring resources to build YouTube content.

    Can I use the same content on all my social media platforms?
    A.Is your audience for all your social media platforms similar? Are the content constraints and user behaviour the same across all platforms? What is the incentive for your audience to follow you across platforms? Answering these questions will help you figure out what should be your unique approach to replicating content across social media. We’re happy to help you answer these questions as part of a social media management engagement.
    Why should I spend on social media when I am already running digital ads?
    A.Digital ads and social media ads are marketing focused. However, social media activities are not only for marketing your products, they are also for building a credible brand presence. Also, organic posting and engagement, aka social media presence, sends the right signals to the social media platform algorithms that you are a credible, engaged business.
    What metrics should I use to measure my social media objectives?
    A.While metrics like reach, traffic, engagement and conversions are all important, what’s the right for your brand to measure will depend on your objectives on social media, such as brand awareness, audience engagement, generating traffic to website, or generating leads.
    What tools does We Think North use to manage social media operations?

    A.While we use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. to create, publish and monitor social media activities, our focus on strategy, content creation and best practices helps us stay platform-agnostic and translate our expertise comfortably across a wide range of tools. If there is a particular tool you are comfortable with, our that your organisation has invested in, let us know and we can explore using it as part of our social media engagement with you.

    Please share your social media marketing services list.

    A.Sure, here is our social media marketing services list

    1. Social media marketing
    2. Social media strategy
    3. Social media content creation
    4. Social media content scheduling
    5. Social media advertising
    6. Social media audit
    7. Social media calendar creation
    8. Social media reporting
    9. Social media analytics
    What are the most common social media marketing services in India?

    A.We have many clients in India and most demanded social media marketing services in India are

    1. Social media strategy development
    2. Community building and management
    3. Social media advertising
    4. Influencer marketing
    Please give me an idea about your social media marketing services packages?

    A.Sure, you can check our portfolio here social media marketing services packages.

    Is there a benefit in hiring a social media marketing agency?

    A.Yes, there are many benefits in hiring a social media marketing agency

    1. Time saving – We take care of all your social media tasks. So you can focus on your core business tasks
    2. Automation – Our professional team automates and schedules social media tasks. So that you never miss on your important deadlines
    3. Experience and Expertise – We have worked with multiple clients, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Saving you a lot of time and money.
    4. Accountability : With our professional and experienced team we help you get leads and sales to help you grow business.
    Can you give me an idea of your social media marketing management services pricing?

    A.Our social media marketing services pricing varies from business to business depending upon your goals. Please reach out to us for the best price.

    I am looking for social media marketing agency for small business or startup.

    A.Sure, we help businesses of all sizes. If you are a small business, please contact us with your business goals and we will help you with the best strategy to grow your business.

    Can you give me some social media marketing examples?

    A.Sure, please check out some social media marketing campaigns of our previous clients.

    Social Media Marketing Examples

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