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94% of first impressions relate to
your site’s web design. (source)

Your website is your brand’s 24/7 salesperson and brand ambassador. Now, do you realize why it requires web development services that ensure it’s fast, friendly, responsive, and customer-focused?

The websites we make, convert into business. Here’s why.

  • Customer focused, customised site architecture
    Well-crafted site architecture addresses your customer’s pain points faster and brings your offerings to sharper focus, impacting UX, SEO and more.
  • Mobile-first & responsive
    With 74% of users more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites, mobile-first, device-agnostic design is key to success.
  • Focused on functionality
    We believe in functionality over flash, fast loading times over large animations, and accessibility over ambiguity. And your website visitors do too.
  • Powerful storytelling
    A monster of a problem, a website visitor in distress, a brand in shining armour. We make immersive, persuasive web storytelling look like child’s play.
  • E-commerce, simplified
    Our capabilities extend across a spectrum of ecommerce web development services, encompassing WooCommerce, Drupal, and Shopify integrations.
  • Built in SEO
    Our websites are structured for discoverability and designed for accessibility, meaning it is easier to rank for SEO.
  • The KISS philosophy
    We’re minimal for a reason. We remove clutter and keep it super simple so that your visitors are more likely to focus on your key offerings and take action.
  • Experimental
    We test and prototype every feature and function, the look and feel, and content, even before the launch, so that your website is glitch-free right from day one.

Clients Speak

web development company in india

It was such a pleasure working with Think North on our Company Branding Project and we were totally gratified with the final result. They were so in tune with our ideas and concept that it seems like they had a 6th sense. We would like to Thank Anuradha for her sense of ownership and professionalism for treating our project as her own.”

Anchal Srivastava
Managing Partner, Accolade One Construction LLP

View our portfolio

best web development company in india


Introducing India to a whole new category of skincare meant that Iora could not create just another direct-to-consumer e-commerce. Therefore, the website homepage focused as much on category awareness and social proof as on the digital storefront.

We Think North client-Aspire For Her


A not-for-profit, community-first brand linking women to potential business development and employment opportunities, Aspire For Her needed its website to keep channels of communication open and active with all their stakeholders without creating information overload.
web development company near me


As a solopreneur-led global brand focused on executive coaching, Physis needed a 24/7 full-service virtual sales and operations team. The website powers just that, right from enabling discovery of relevant services, and nurturing interest through videos, blog posts and resources, to even setting up appointments for sessions.
We Think North client-Accoladeone


By putting the focus squarely on AccoladeOne’s capabilities, both in terms of projects done and services offered, the website captures interests and enquiries and sets the stage for the firm to pitch and win key projects.
We Think North client-Myotea


Branding, experience marketing, storytelling, legacy building and e-commerce — this website does all this heavy lifting with ease, thanks to a robust backend framework and a strong narrative flow.
We Think North client-Janajal


Our process — The 7-step process to design and build blazing fast websites

Explore our holistic approach to website design and development for products, services and communities.
We Think North-Web Development Requirement Analysis
We Think North-Web Development Requirement Analysis
Before we begin with anything else, we identify your business objective and needs, while also factoring in the type of website you require (WordPress, .net, PHP).*
We Think North-Web Development Structure & Flow
Next, we decide the architecture and content flow of the website after considering the consumer’s journey and identifying the sales and marketing capabilities you need.
We Think North-Web Development Structure & Flow
We Think North-Web Development SEO-optimised content
We Think North-Web Development SEO-optimised content

Now, we create and optimise the content, ensuring keywords are included in the copy, and SEO-hygiene practices are taken care of, such as metatags and image labels.

We Think North-Web Development Design
Time to work on the designs, keeping the brand palette and visual grammar in mind. We focus on a mobile-first design strategy with responsive webpages.
We Think North-Web Development Design
We Think North-Web Developement & Testing
We Think North-Web Developement & Testing
Once the copy and design is in place, the next stage is developing the website. Here, we also test extensively to ensure the site is responsive and can be viewed across devices.
We Think North-Web Developement Launch & Review
Once the website is launched, the metrics like bounce rate and average time spent are reviewed.
We Think North-Web Developement Launch & Review
We Think North-Web Developement Maintenance
We Think North-Web Developement Maintenance
It doesn’t stop at the launch. We keep the momentum going with regular content, design and SEO updates that ensure the website is relevant and ranking.

Our process — The 7-step process to design and build blazing fast websites

Explore our holistic approach to website design and development for products, services and communities.
We Think North-Web Development

We get asked this a lot

FAQs about social media management

What is a CMS platform? Follow up question: which CMS platform(s) do you use?

A CMS is a content management system that helps you build and load content and work with collaborators on your website without requiring code. Some of the most popular CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. Many website development services companies focus on only one of the various platforms. However, we work on all these platforms at We Think North and we also code websites from scratch, depending on what’s best for your needs.

How long does it take to build a website?

We usually take approximately 5-10 weeks to build a website including the copywriting and design services. However this time period may change depending on the scope of your website and the degree to which your initial content and images are ready to use.

Who hosts the website? Is there a fee for hosting a website?

Your website is hosted by an external hosting company for a small fee depending on your requirements.

In case you would like us to manage this transaction, we will choose from a range of trusted web hosting services to host your website for you. This will be charged at actuals in addition to a fee for the custom web development services we rendered.

What about the domain name? Will you buy the domain for me? Who will own the domain?

We will work with you to come up with a domain name that is appropriate for your organisation and brand. And after that, we can help you purchase the domain. We will charge you for this at actuals, in addition to a small web developer services fee. And of course, you will be the owner of the domain.

Will these websites look good on mobile?

We make fast, responsive websites that function seamlessly on your computer, tablet or mobile. We optimise your images and media, ensuring that scaling rules are correctly implemented. We also test rigourously to identify and rectify any errors that might crop up while building a responsive website for you.

How will website design and development impact my SEO?

Professional web development services including website architecture, page structure, navigability, loading speeds, images and content, all have an impact on your SEO. That’s why ensuring that your website is designed and developed to maximise your potential to leverage SEO early on.

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