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68% of online experiences start from the search engine. (source)
Is your business showing up where it matters? Organic traffic from a relevant audience is the holy grail for any marketer today, which is why SEO matters. Let’s get you started on the journey to the first page of Google Search.

We address these needs. Which one is yours?

We bring together strategy, technical and content SEO expertise and SEO writing skills to perform search engine optimisations that drive your business objectives.

The end result: a website that ranks on Google and generates traffic for keywords that matter to your audience.

Our process — The 10 step strategy to SEO success

Our strategic process for SEO builds from your business needs and existing web and content assets to generate relevant website traffic.
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First things first, a performance marketing campaign needs clear, well-defined goals, metrics and budgets so we are all aligned about what success looks like.
The various stages of the customer journey are mapped to the sales and marketing funnel. This gives insights about the customer experience elements that should be designed along with the ads.
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By auditing the competition’s sales and marketing activities we see where they are putting their resources to getting the best ROI. These insights help to benchmark your activities and supercharge your campaign.
Time to evaluate the target audience, their online behavior and the platforms and content they are interested in. This is used to build the audiences for the campaign.
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Which social media channels and platforms will help you reach and engage with your audience? Which keywords are your users running searches for? We figure it all out at this stage.
Depending on the chosen marketing platform and format, we develop content that’s thumb-stopping, relevant and on-brand.
Time for take off! Once released, we track the ad performance and make adjustments — switching off certain ads, putting more money on the best performing ads and exploring new ad formats and content for better results.
Time to optimise! We make tweaks across all customer touch points across social media, digital, and offline channels in order to improve campaign performance.
Based on your campaign and business needs, growth hacking tools used at various customer touch points within the campaign can optimise performance, enable sales and offer insights.
We continuously benchmark against the goals and industry averages to see how we are faring. At the end of the campaign, we collate our learning for the next campaign.

Our process — The 8 steps that take your social media from average to awesome

Our data-driven, creativity-fuelled method leverages social media to build brand value.

We get asked this a lot

FAQs about SEO strategy

How long does it take to rank on Google?
A.According to this article by Ahrefs, only about 5–6% of newly published pages get to the Top 10 on Google search within a year. Having said that, it’s entirely possible to rank in the top 110 in 4-6 months, depending on a couple of factors, like your domain authority, and some smart SEO tactics like link building. Our SEO consultants would be happy to audit your site and explain how soon your site could get on the first page for your keywords.
Does social media help to increase my website's rank?

A.Linking to your website or webpage via social media does not directly impact your SEO. However, social media posts and social shares get you exposure for your content and your brand. Posting your content also helps you interact with your audience to understand what content works for them. This helps you increase traffic to your website by getting the right content to the right people — and that indirectly helps your SEO rankings.

How do I create SEO-friendly content?
A.First, a disclaimer: your aim should always be to create people-friendly SEO content. And on that note, the best tips for creating SEO friendly content are those that ensure your content is catchy, readable and accessible — metatags and alt text, relevant keywords, simple and relevant urls, short paras, heading tags, relevant linkouts.
How can I find technical SEO errors?
A.The best way to find and fix technical SEO errors is by doing a full website audit. You should be doing a full audit every six months, and mini audits every month. A tool like Semrush can crawl your website and find errors like broken links, missing images, duplicate content, and unlinked pages. We’d be happy to help you with the audit process and implement changes to improve your SEO.
How can I find the keywords that suit my business?
A.You know your business and your customer base better than anyone else, so start with that. Brainstorm to find out what your audience wants to know about your category, your product or your business and the needs they address. These form the basis of your keywords. Make the long list and proceed to narrow it down by doing research to identify the keywords with low competition and high profitability.

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