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Marketers plan to spend 60% of their budgets on performance
marketing campaigns. (Brand Equity)

How do you make sure your money is well spent?

As performance marketing specialists, we bring creative, strategic and account management experience to help you win customers, campaign after campaign.

We address these needs. Which one is yours?

We offer cross-channel, attributable, and measurable campaigns backed by relevant consumer insights and sharp creatives.

The end result: A larger pool of customers primed with the knowledge of your product and business and more importantly, the intention to purchase or otherwise engage with your brand.

Clients Speak

Think North has been an amazing partner for Aspire For Her. The creativity of the team is only surpassed by their high ownership of the brands they help create and nurture. We have been impressed by the use of analytics and actionable insights by the team. Anuradha is empathetic and courageous and brings out the best in her team.

Madhura DasGupta Sinha
Founder & CEO, Aspire For Her

Our process — The 10-step path to performance marketing success

Our strategic approach to performance marketing ensures that your campaigns are built methodically and built to your strengths.
First things first, a performance marketing campaign needs clear, well-defined goals, metrics and budgets so we are all aligned about what success looks like.
The various stages of the customer journey are mapped to the sales and marketing funnel. This gives insights about the customer experience elements that should be designed along with the ads.
By auditing the competition’s sales and marketing activities we see where they are putting their resources to getting the best ROI. These insights help to benchmark your activities and supercharge your campaign.
Time to evaluate the target audience, their online behavior and the platforms and content they are interested in. This is used to build the audiences for the campaign.
Which social media channels and platforms will help you reach and engage with your audience? Which keywords are your users running searches for? We figure it all out at this stage.
Depending on the chosen marketing platform and format, we develop content that’s thumb-stopping, relevant and on-brand.
Time for take off! Once released, we track the ad performance and make adjustments — switching off certain ads, putting more money on the best performing ads and exploring new ad formats and content for better results.
Time to optimise! We make tweaks across all customer touch points across social media, digital, and offline channels in order to improve campaign performance.
Based on your campaign and business needs, growth hacking tools used at various customer touch points within the campaign can optimise performance, enable sales and offer insights.
We continuously benchmark against the goals and industry averages to see how we are faring. At the end of the campaign, we collate our learning for the next campaign.

Our process — The 8 steps that take your social media from average to awesome

Our data-driven, creativity-fuelled method leverages social media to build brand value.

We get asked this a lot

FAQs about performance marketing

What performance marketing channels should I be considering for my brand?

The best way to build your performance strategy is to take an omnichannel approach that explores multiple channels and optimises the budgets allocated for each one based on performance and on business objectives. Some of the channels you could consider are:

  • Google ad network
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Video marketing & YouTube ads
  • Native ads
  • Referral marketing
  • Email marketing
What KPIs should I keep for my performance marketing campaign?

Every business is unique and is at a different stage in their life cycle, which means that each of them will have different marketing objectives and different KPIs. Here are some that you should consider.

1. Unique Monthly Visitors: finding out how many people visited your website is vital for almost all businesses that do at least some part of their business digitally. you can get more specific data by drilling own to find traffic sources and which pages within your website have seen the most visits

2. Cost Per Lead: The number of leads generated by each ad campaign divided by the cost of each campaign can get you this number and it is vital to measure this to understand the effectiveness of lead generation campaigns.

3. Cost Per Acquisition: If the customers you acquired are attributable to your campaigns, you can measure your total digital marketing spend by the total acquired customers.

4. Branded Search Lift: As more people search for your brand over time, it is useful to measure the general trend of this metric. The effectiveness of your branding and marketing campaigns can lead to increases in this KPI (though this may be a lagging metric).

5. Average Position On Search: The positioning of your website in search results can make a significant difference on how much traffic your website receives. This metric measures your search result page ranking for your targeted keywords. Google Analytics can calculate this number for organic search. The higher your ranking, the more clicks, revenue, and ROI to your website, which translate into higher revenue and ROI.

How do I know if my ROI is good?
There are two ways to go about checking whether your ROI has been good. One method is to benchmark against other businesses within your industry or against the industry average Aside from that, you can also look back on your company’s historical data and benchmark against it to understand your current performance and measure future performance. However, pay attention to whether some KPIs are still relevant and whether some dips or upticks in performance are the result of some extraneous efforts.
What role does my CRM have on my performance marketing campaigns?
CRM is the foundation of a good performance marketing strategy. A strong CRM systeme lets you collect, store and organise data about your customers and their preferences securely, which you can then use to personalise your marketing campaigns. A good CRM system will also ensure that your marketing qualified lead does not fall off the radar when passed on to the sales team and it enables more precise attribution for each sale made as well.
What role does my website analytics play in my performance marketing campaign?
Since website analytics is one of the key places where you can get the precise data you need, it’s vital to corroborate your campaign performance with your website data. For instance when running a search ad, your website data will not only help you understand how many people came to your website from the ad, it will also tell you how they behaved on your website — how long did they stay on the landing page, which page did they move to afterwards, when did they leave the website, and so on.

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