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Marketing campaigns – Strategy and launch

Holistic Strategy + measurable campaigns = goal-driven results

Looking for clear, hype-free, marketing strategies focused on both short term results and long term ROI? Keep reading.

We address these needs. Which one is yours?

We bring together deep research and expertise to make sense of your business, your goals and the market you are operating in.

The end result: visionary strategy, sharp, audience-focused campaigns and top-notch execution that get results and drive your business forward. 

Clients Speak

From the outset, We Think North has combined the resources of a full-service agency with the attention to detail, agility, and commitment of a boutique agency. By consistently going beyond the brief, they have carved a niche for themselves as digital consultants, creative experts, and strategic partners to our team.

Prachi Guron
Director, Recruitment Marketing at Wipro

Our Process — The 6-step path to delivering result-oriented marketing campaigns

Our proven methodology translates business goals to insight-driven digital marketing strategy and expertise driven campaigns.

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What does the business have? Where does the business want to be? Time spent with the client to understand this = clear business + clear marketing goals + clear problem statement
The key competition, suppliers and partners, employees and consumers, other market forces — nothing is missed in our comprehensive strategic study of your business ecosystem.
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Time to redefine the problem statement based on the research. This results in the key marketing message, as well as the best strategy to communicate this. And then we align it with the client.
Media plan, messaging framework, campaign roadmaps, media mix, creative guidelines — our comprehensive tactical planning checklist makes sure nothing is left out.
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Time to launch! Campaigns are kicked off all the platforms as per the schedule, with our monitoring team carefully tracking the campaign progress.
The spray & pray approach is not our style. Our targeted campaigns are further tweaked based on the metrics we track. This means optimised results + leaner budgets + insights for upcoming campaigns.
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Our Process — The 6-step path to delivering result-oriented marketing campaigns

Our proven methodology translates business goals to insight-driven strategy and expertise driven campaigns.

We get asked this a lot

FAQs about marketing strategy

What should the goals of my marketing strategy be?

A.Your strategy marketing should be driven by one or two focused goals like:

  • Increase share in existing markets
  • Grow the existing markets for your products or services
  • Explore new markets or customer bases
  • Get consumer insights for new product development
  • Launch new products, services or properties

What you decide to focus on will depend on your specific business circumstances. We can help you identify these goals and develop a go-to-market strategy to achieve them.

I'm already running a marketing plan. Why isn't it working?

A market strategy or plan is often created without considering several external and internal factors such as the movement of key competitors, customer appetite and insights, organisational shifts in terms of priorities and resources and more. This could mean that the marketing plan is misaligned with the business realities.

Alternatively, the digital marketing strategies may not have been translated into an effective tactical plans and campaigns or the plan may not have been executed well. We’d be happy to audit your existing plan as part of our larger ecommerce marketing strategy engagement with you.

What if your marketing strategy doesn't work?

A.Our team of business strategists do careful, wide-ranging and in-depth research before developing the marketing plan so that we are able to circumvent any challenges faced. But what we also do is identify the unknown factors in the business landscape and anticipate how these unknown elements may affect the strategy. This foresight enables us to adjust the marketing strategy if necessary, relying on our scenario planning and monitoring activities to make the best B2B marketing strategy decisions.

What's my role in building the marketing plan?

A. As the custodian of your brand’s business and marketing activities, you bring a wealth of untapped business knowledge and ideas to the table. We will collaborate with you to extract that information and employ it to formulate a content marketing strategy that is distinctive to your business and exceptionally effective. This co-creation mindset also ensures we engage you for regular alignment checks with the other stakeholders within the business, creating the perfect strategy.

When should I expect results from my marketing strategy and campaign?

A. While specific marketing strategy examples will demonstrate quicker results, others may have a more prolonged trajectory. When we develop the marketing strategy and campaigns, we will define the success metrics and set timelines to success for all the moving parts of the campaigns. In addition, we will define the time horizon for the overall marketing strategy (typically 6 months to a year) and set checkpoints to monitor progress and make tweaks where needed.

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