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Most smartphone users have more than 80 apps installed on their phones.(source)
And yet, only 9 of these apps are used everyday, and only 30 are used every month. What this means is that only the most functional and user-friendly mobile apps can attract and retain your customers. That’s where we can help.

The apps we make are sticky. Here’s why.

  • Customised UX
    Well thought out UX makes for an intuitive app flow. This lets you address your users’ needs effortlessly, so that they keep returning to your app.

  • Performance
    Fast, responsive and lightweight apps are not impossible to create. All you need to do is optimise.

  • Personalisation
    By making it customisable for the end user, we ensure that your app can reflect the personality of each member of your audience while also staying true to your brand look and feel.

  • Analytics
    We build analytics into your app so that you’re never flying blind — there’s always a wealth of performance metrics and consumer insights to act on.
  • E-commerce ready
    Our capabilities extend across a range of e-commerce integrations for mobile apps, including payment gateways.
  • Prototyping
    In order to build an MVP, we test every element of the design and every feature of the product, ensuring that the app is designed and optimised for discovery, onboarding and heavy usage.
  • Adaptable tech
    Whatever be your preferred tech stack — Python, Azure, Java — our diverse team can work with it and bring your product idea to life.

Our process — 7 steps to building an app that woos your audience

Our unique process is defined by meticulous planning right from the design and development stage to the launch phase.
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We identify the needs of the client from a business perspective, and understand the purpose of the app and the audience it will be built for.
Based on the consumer’s journey, we plan the flow of content while addressing the sales, marketing and customer service functions, ie, data capture forms, timely notifications, and more.
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Keeping the brand colour palette in mind, we develop the wireframes and designs adapted for iOS and Android or cross-platform mobile apps.
A key step is developing UI/UX friendly copy in keeping with the design language of apps, while also ensuring the brand tone and brand personality are maintained.
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As consultants during this resource-intensive stage, we help your inhouse team or your development and testing partners through the process of building and testing for Android, iOS or cross-platform mobile apps.
We manage the entire process of launching the app on Google Play and App Store, right from the documentation to the final sign-offs.
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We keep a close eye on the user reviews and product improvements to make regular content and design updates based on the feedback.

Our process — 7 steps to building an app that woos your audience

Our unique process is defined by meticulous planning right from the design and development stage to the launch phase.

We get asked this a lot

FAQs about Mobile App Development

How much time does it take to build an app?
It depends. The size of your app matters. A small app might be completed in 3 months, while it may take more than 10 months to complete a large app with multiple, complex features, a unique design and the use of third party services.
What are some must-have features that an app should include?

While every app has unique objectives that require a unique set of features, there are certain features that are commonly implemented in most apps today.

  • Login with email or social apps like
  • Facebook
  • Push notifications
  • Search bar with filters
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Chat support
  • Multilingual versions

However, you must consider the scope of your app and decide on the features to implement.

How will you ensure that the app is secure?

We adopt certain best practices to ensure that your app is secure and protected from attacks and security breaches. some of these are:

  • we develop secure code
  • we use authorised APIs only
  • we implement factor authentication
  • We ensure that only the bare minimum privileges and permissions are used to minimise security breaches
  • we are careful about sessions created, not keeping them active for any longer than is needed
What is cross-platform development?

Unlike the conventional method which is to build native apps for Android and iOS, when you decide to go with cross-platform development it means you are building one application that can work on multiple operating systems. This can be done in many ways. Here are some that we adopt, depending on your needs and constraints.

  • An OS agnostic HTML5 app is created and then nativised with wrapper code.
  • A code-free or no-code app builder is used to develop an app without having to write code from scratch. This is a good option if you want to develop an internal application.
  • Progressive web apps (PWAs) are fast loading, responsive websites that match the functionalities of mobile apps and are a good choice if you don’t want to publish your app on App Store or Play Store.
Do I need a mobile app privacy policy?
If you are creating a mobile app for public consumption, you would be required by the App Store or Play Store and by the regional privacy laws to develop a privacy policy for your app and explain how your app will handle the personal information it collects from its users. It needs to be clear, easy to understand, and consistent with the laws of the region, be it GDPR, PIPEDA, or PDPA. We can help you create this policy as we develop your app.

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