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Grow Your Brand with Brand Building Services

Brands account for a full 20% of the value of
the S&P 500 (source)

Clients who have experienced our brand building services won’t be surprised to read this. They’ve firsthand witnessed the potential of a thoughtfully crafted brand in the market.

We address all these needs. Which one is yours?

We bring clarity, insights and focus to the table to make sense of the branding concerns you are facing.

The end result: identity and messaging that crystallises what your brand is about, backed by creative assets across the spectrum and a clear blueprint for the future

Clients Speak

The team at We Think North walked with me every step of the way as I built and established my brand – from carving out a unique space for MyoTea to developing all of my digital real estate to strategising for future growth. They truly understood the heritage and emotions behind my brand and brought them out beautifully with every asset they created.

Prachee Kasera
Founder, MyoTea

The Process — 6 Essential Steps of Brand Building Services

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Research papers, trends, social media, stakeholder interviews, brand values, vision, mission, questionnaires, site visits, — if it’s relevant to your brand, we dive deep into it.

Process the info, build a brief, and brainstorm for insights, key message and the big creative idea — all in a day’s work for our team of inhouse experts and external consultants.
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It’s time to align — we set up intensive interactions with stakeholders to share our ideas and create opportunities for co-creation.
Back to the drawing board, this time to develop mood boards & visuals based on feedback & audience insights.
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One last round of changes with the client to finetune the key brand elements & guidelines and get the sign off.
And then we adapt for different customer experience touch points — digital, onground, packaging, in-store, internal comms & public relations.
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We get asked this a lot

FAQs about branding

I already have a name and logo. Why do I need more?

A: A brand is the personification of your firm. And you definitely don’t judge a person by their name and clothes alone, right? Just like you get to know a person better by seeing how they express themselves and how they behave with you, you need your brand to tell the story of your business, behave a certain way when interacting with others, and be remembered for offering customers a selection value.

That’s what we help you with through our branding services. At a strategic level, we help you:
Highlight your unique selling point or market position
Stay relevant to your target audience
Infuse your brand values into every touch point with your consumer

By implementing strategies and techniques for building a professional brand and a brand identity, we ensure your brand resonates effectively.

Do I need a rebranding or a branding refresh?

A: Over time, the brand image that you have cultivated over the years may not seem relevant to your audience. Or as a business, you may have evolved to occupy a different space in the market. That’s when you need to consider rebranding.

A brand refresh is more like an update to your existing brand personality to keep up with changing trends or consumer preferences or reconnect with your customer base. Sometimes, you undertake it for better internal alignment or consistency across consumer-facing assets. It may involve minor changes to the logo, tagline and visual identity, and how this is expressed on various platforms. The core of your existing brand voice stays intact, however.

At We Think North, we do a complete brand audit to analyse the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, past perceptions and performance and future opportunities before recommending whether to go for a rebrand, a refresh or additional brand development. With our approach, you can unlock the true potential of branding ROI.

I'm a founder. How can I make sure my ideas about my brand are translated within the company as I scale up?

A: While you may have started out alone or as a small tight-knit team who understood your vision and how you wanted to get there, as the firm grows, you’ll need to share your vision, mission and values with a larger set of people, internal and external, without diluting them. That is when you need to take a closer look at your company’s branding strategy and find ways to make it memorable and actionable for your employees, partners and recruits.
We work closely with founders to capture their vision for their brand and make it relatable and actionable, especially as they scale up or as they prepare to take a more hands-off approach to the business.

Our brand builder services empower entrepreneurs to craft a successful brand, ensuring it stands out and thrives in the competitive landscape.

How do I know if my branding strategy is effective?

A: Because the process of creating a successful brand is both strategic and qualitative, a common misconception is that measuring the return on investment (ROI) of branding is an impossible task. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. At We Think North, we firmly believe in quantifying the effectiveness of every endeavor we undertake for our clients, including the brand creation process. Using various online and offline tools and survey methods, we measure changes in brand awareness, recognition, preference, and ultimately, brand love. This is part of our unique iterative process to fine-tune and improve your brand and business.

What's the right way to add a new line or property to my existing brand?

A: When your existing brand has good traction in the market, you might be tempted to to develop all other products as extensions of your core brand. However, you will need to examine your current brand architecture and positioning first. If the positioning is markedly different, caters to a very different market segment, or could confuse your existing customers and cannibalise your current brand, it is better to spin off the new line as a separate brand.

If not, you can identify where it should stay within your current brand architecture and develop it as a sub-brand within the existing brand. Either way, you need a stellar branding strategy and go-to-market roadmap. This holds true for creating a successful brand, particularly for customer service brand initiatives, with the assistance of expert brand builder services.

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