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80% of companies believe they deliver great customer experiences, while only 8% of their customers agree. (Source)
We’re here to help you bridge the gap between your customer’s expectations and the capability of your sales, marketing and technology stack.

We address these needs. Which one is yours?

We bring together the siloed functions and features of your business to address customer needs on an optimised budget and free up your people to do more.

The end result: A consistent, unified and powerful customer experience, backed by marketing, sales and service automation and a finger on the pulse of your customer behaviour.

Our process — The 9-fold path to world-class CRM and CXM

Our strategic process for CRM and CXM is built around your business needs, your customer’s routines around that product or category and their reasons to prefer you.
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The first step is to understand the business functions, including production, sales, marketing, after sales services, strategy, finance and more. This helps to gauge the business’s potential to deliver outstanding customer experience.
The customer lifecycle is similar to the traditional sales and marketing funnel. It is studied to identify the touchpoints that are unique to the industry and the business.
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The next step is an audit of all existing touch points in the customer journey across the lifecycle in order to understand the strength of the current processes as well as the gaps to focus on.
At this stage, it’s time to understand the audience in detail, segmenting them and developing the key personas that the communication efforts should focus on.
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We map out detailed consumer journeys based on the lifecycle stages, the personas developed, the touchpoints we identified earlier as well as the touchpoints we add to enrich the journey.
Depending on the current business needs as well as future growth plans, we identify and set up a suitable CRM platform, along with additional tools for marketing, automation, analytics and more.
At this point, we plan the key marketing campaigns needed to achieve the business targets for the quarter and the rest of the year. We also adopt growth hacking methods to accelerate campaign performance.
It’s time now to monitor the platform and the campaigns and tweak them where needed. Monthly reviews and periodic audits help track performance, adjust the platforms, plan new campaigns and maintain funnel health.
Now that the CRM practice is up and running, it is time to extend it to every communication channel and customer touch point. The result is a unified messaging that is clear, customer focused and on brand.

Our process — The 9-fold path to world-class CRM and CXM

Our strategic process for CRM and CXM is built around your business needs, your customer’s routines around that product or category and their reasons to prefer you.

We get asked this a lot

FAQs about CRM and CXM strategy

How does CRM help in so many function like sales, marketing and customer service?

CRM helps you collect, organise and leverage customer data and preferences to give your customers a unified experience across all functions within the business. Here’s a small glimpse of how CRM contributes to these functions.

CRM in Marketing
Prospect data management
Email marketing
Campaign automation
Nurture flows
Landing pages and forms
Lead generation and distribution
Campaign analytics

CRM in Sales
Customer database management
Lead management
Sales forecasting tools
Opportunity management
Document management
Complex data analytics

CRM in Customer Service
Case and incident management
NPS tracking
Customer advocacy
Service level management

Can a CRM help me even if I have a small customer list?
Even if your customer list is small you can still enjoy a host of benefits from a CRM system. You will be able to track your interactions with your customers all the way back to a few years, and plan your future interactions and collaborate with other in your organisation on these actions Also, your CRM is also a great way to manage your prospects and leads before the marketing team passes off the warm leads to the sales team. It can also act as a repository for your marketing and sales scontent. All these benefits make a CRM tool valuable even when you have a small customer list.
How does CRM help my sales and marketing teams work together to attract and retain customers?
Since all customer information is visible, updated in real time and easily accessible to all people and all teams within the organisation, a CRM tool helps marketing and sales team coordinate amongst each other. for instance, by changing the status of a lead to ‘hot’, the marketing team can trigger a notification to the sales team to call attention to the hot lead and share the info about the lead all in a single platform. Another instance, when the sales team would like to send some communication to a sales-nurtured lead, the marketing team can look at the customer data to recommend a suitable content asset.
What's the difference between CRM and CXM? What goes into creating a good customer experience?

Customer experience management goes beyond CRM by

  • looking at the point at which the potential customer comes in proximity to the brand and
  • developing that point or experience and extending it in such a way that the prospect develops an affinity to the brand and becomes a customer, a loyalist and an advocate.

A key success factor in your CXM strategy is building a consistent and unified messaging and experience. We can share our insights into the process and help you build your own CXM strategy for your brand.

What is the role of email marketing in CRM?
Many marketing tactics can be used in your CRM strategy, but email marketing can be especially useful because it is a personal and one-to-one form of communication. For this reason, it is typically not a good practice to send out a cold marketing email to a prospect. Instead invite them to accept emails from you by offering valuable conent in return. We can help you identify and develop relevant content that connects with your prospects and then enable you to reach out to them via a well-thought-out email marketing campaign.

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