Digital marketing is a continuously evolving industry and trends drive the industry in the forward direction. Trends can also be called the ‘driving force of the industry’. But trends are very volatile and before an older one completely phases out, a new trend occupies its place. If going forward in time was possible, digital marketers would be the first to go and observe the upcoming trends of the future and then come back to the present and build their upcoming marketing campaigns on their observations. But, we live in the age of predictions and predicting upcoming trends is the best bet we have on future trends. We have studied the market trends and listed a few of the possible future trends which could be helpful in designing the next marketing campaign.

Use of AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence or AI, as it is referred to in common terms, is being widely used in computer technologies around the globe. We, as humans, are yet to understand the full potential of AI. Still, there are some brands and companies which have started using AI in their digital marketing journey. Some of the upcoming/ possible trends which can feature AI extensively in their Digital Marketing journey are listed below.

Use of Chatbots in Digital Marketing

One of the upcoming digital marketing trends is to use chatbots to do marketing and advertising for the brand. Brands and businesses have been using chatbots for a fair amount of time and are capitalising on this trend in the most significant ways possible.

1. Using Chatbots for Social Media Chats

Chatbots are being used in numerous applications of digital marketing. They are being used by brands to have a better interaction with the customers and offer them a superior experience. For instance, Uber allows the user to book a cab from the Facebook Messenger App. Chatbots are making customer experience better. Recommended Read  :Four marketing challenges that Toolcano solves for you

2. AI-powered Chatbots

An AI-driven chatbot is powerful enough to deliver a personalised experience to customers. EVA, the AI-powered chatbot for HDFC Bank, can handle any requests from the customers. It can help provide the customers with the ongoing loan offers, payments for credit card, etc. It can also help the customers with all their queries and give them an effortless banking experience.

Smart Speakers

Usage of smart speakers has increased many fold in the recent years. The increased availability and usage of smart speakers is one of the most significant and crucial technological developments in recent years. According to predictions based on statistical data, the smart speaker market will expand to $100 billion by 2032. It is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 25.6%. The expected growth of smart speakers is one of the best opportunities to capitalise upon. It will soon become the main channel for marketing and advertisements for products and services. Two ways you can embrace the smart speaker marketing revolution for your brand/business in 2023:

1. Create a relevant ‘skill’

You can create a skill with Alexa or Google Homepod, which is relevant to your brand and provides a useful experience to your audience. Digital marketers can use Alexa Skills to connect with their audience by offering them relevant industry news, and products related to the brand.

2. Flash-briefing

Flash briefing on Alexa is quite a popular way to receive weather updates, news flash, and other day-to-day information. Users are free to pick and choose the podcasts, news-sources, and other ‘skills’ they want their smart speakers to play.

Voice based Search is used more

Another development in the technology sector which has been impacting the digital marketing field, in a positive sense, is voice-based search. It is changing the way search marketing works, and how search marketing experts optimise the websites to rank for target keywords. All these voice searches are opening up new opportunities for digital marketers. There is a long list of what all you can do to optimise the website for voice searches. The most important and crucial is to use long-tail keywords like “most expensive shoes brand” instead of a shorter keyword like “shoes brand”.


Metaverse is the name given to the virtual world within a world. Meta (Mark Zukcerberg owned Facebook) is the current owner and the lead promoter of the Metaverse. Metaverse offers a digital universe where virtual or augmented reality interacts to form an interactive environment for every user.It is exactly like having a digital avatar of oneself and doing all the things which you want.


NFT stands for non fungible token. It is a kind of digital currency which can be created by you and then traded. Each NFT is unique in the sense that it belongs to you only. NFTs are digitally tradable assets. Apart from art and technology, NFTs have also made their way into digital marketing. Brands have started using NFTs in their digital marketing strategies. Increased usage of NFTs will broaden the spectrum where NFTs will be used as a marketing tool more often.


Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest and trendiest topics in the business and financial world. Even though no one in their right minds thought that this would be successful, cryptocurrency entered the market and washed the competition off the top. As a result of its success, there are around 11 million cryptocurrency investors and aficionados in India, who are just waiting for the market to give exponential return on their investments. Cryptocurrency as a form of investment has been much popular among the younger generation, who consider the cryptocurrency futuristic. Google Pay is the first platform which has started accepting and making payments using cryptocurrency, for daily needs and grocery items.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is used to buy and acquire digital advertisements. Automated buying is a process which uses algorithms and machines to buy ads without any form of human intervention. AI-assisted programmatic advertising is used to target more precisely their intended consumers. Benefits of AI-based programmatic ad automation are higher conversion rates and cheap client acquisition costs.

Sending Personalised Emails for Marketing

Personalised emails marketing, as the name suggests, involves sending emails to your customers and consumers, regularly with a personal touch or message. On the other hand, automated email marketing is used when all the tasks of email marketing are required to be automated. Email marketing has always been the go-to and most trustworthy channel for digital marketing. Promotional emails are a great way to communicate and inform your customers about the accomplishments and upcoming sales and offers. But many of the customers have adopted a ‘see & ignore’ policy when it comes to promotional emails due to bulk email receivals. Personalised emails can help in getting the attention from your customers and having a more engaged customer base. Using these trends for your digital marketing campaigns, will help increase the traffic to your website and increase revenue generated from it. It can also help increase your online presence on social media platforms. It will help increase the organic reach of your brand. At WeThinkNorth, our experienced and professional marketers will help you take these trends under your belt, and ride the ‘ever so changing and evolving trend wave’ like a master.
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