.,,The most attractive thing about social media is that you can market your products for free! It doesn’t cost anything to have a social media presence. Research showed that in 2022, there was a 4.2% increase in the number of social media users.

As a business, it’s important to have a social media presence and there are multiple tools available to optimise your social media strategy. Investing in the right social media tools used for marketing can save you not just time but also loads of other resources including money.

But this isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Even with the right tools, if your social media strategy isn’t in place or you’re not using the tools effectively, it can cost you. To make sure your ROIs on social media tools are justified, it is essential to have a strategy in place. Understanding what tools to use is the secret to making the most of your social media tools.

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to make the most of social media tools to save more time and money.

1. Set clear goals

Determine what it is you want to achieve through your social media presence and have a social media strategy that complements that. We suggest having 3 main goals: sales, engagement and brand awareness. After setting your goals, using the correct social media tools to meet those goals will be extremely beneficial.Using the correct social media tools for marketing can be beneficial for the business.

2. Post regularly

No matter what your goals are, posting regularly is a must. We all know that shuffling between different platforms is time-consuming and draining. Social media tools for scheduling can be time-efficient, Using social media management tools such as Later where you can schedule posts in advance will be helpful.

These tools help you plan and schedule posting across multiple social media platforms, saving you lots of time. These tools can also generate multiple content ideas based on your industry and target audience.

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3. Engage with your audience

Replying to comments, DMs and response management, in general, can be exhaustive. Luckily there are tools that take care of that for you. Social media engagement tools make it easier to interact with your audience, track performance, and generate more engagement. There are many free social media tools such as  Hootsuite and Buffer

For example, Hootsuite’s “Streams” feature allows users to monitor and respond to comments, mentions, and messages in real-time from a single dashboard, making it easier to engage with your audience and build stronger relationships with followers.

4. Analyse your posts

Curating, creating and posting content isn’t enough. It’s important to know how your posts are doing and what their reach is. Social media analysis tools help you track the progress of not just your posts but even your competitors and they make a comprehensive dashboard for you.

5. Keep up with the trends

Keeping up with the latest trends becomes overwhelming, especially if you’re running your own business. Let social media tools help you keep up with this!

They monitor what’s trending by reviewing social media platforms for mentions, hashtags, and other indicators of popular topics and provide analytics and insights to help you understand the reach and impact of trending content.

One example of a social media tool that can help you keep up with trending topics is BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo allows you to search for content by topic or keyword and provides insights into how that content is performing on social media platforms.

It also provides information on the top influencers for a given topic and allows you to track mentions and engagement for specific keywords or hashtags. This information can help you identify what’s trending in your industry and create content that resonates with your audience.

Marketing on social media should add to your business and not take away from it! Using the right tools in the correct way can help you save time, money, effort and give you a lot of mental peace.

If you’re looking to explore a range of tools you can use, we encourage you to have a look at Toolcano today! We have curated and segregated best social media tools list to use based on your goals!

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