Email marketing has been used for many years, and it has proved to be one of the most effective ways of marketing. Though email is half a century old, it is still one the most preferred marketing channels.

Brands prefer email marketing to make connections with followers, engage their audience, provide the audience with news, updates, promotions and upcoming deals, convert leads into customers.

Effective B2B Email marketing strategies can help brands grow their business in more than one way. One of the most important aspects of email marketing is that it allows you to reach out to the visitors of the website, that leave without converting. It means that businesses can target pre-qualified leads and have a second chance at converting them into customers.

Discover how B2B email marketing best practices can maximize your conversion potential and propel your business forward.

How to write an email which will help generate revenue?

On an average, for every $1 spent on email marketing will earn more than $40, provided email marketing is done correctly.

One of the most crucial steps of B2B email marketing strategy is writing emails that are attention grabbing. It is the only way to achieve results in email marketing.

1. Prospects should be clear

When it comes to B2B email marketing, personalization is key. Emails should be crafted in a way that feels personalized and targeted to the recipient. A generic email sent to hundreds  of people would not be able to deliver the kind of results a personalised email would, thus increasing the chances of generating more revenue.

Take some time and learn about the audience, for whom the email is being written? What does each prospect want? One may be trying to increase revenue while the other might be trying to increase brand visibility.

A lot of information can be gained by searching on LinkedIn about what matters to the prospects. Make the start by looking for particular job titles, and job profiles.

From these profiles, the brands may be able to understand more about roles and responsibilities. Start digging deeper into each individual profile and look for shortcomings. These are what the brand can target and offer solutions for. For example, if someone is looking to improve their sales, a tailored email from the brand will help them decide about the solution.

2. Clear cut CTA

Clear cut CTA


Adding a call to action (CTA) to ask the prospects whether they have tried a new thing, or a new product or a particular strategy, and suggest that they read which offers some information about this new approach. Ask them if they can share their thoughts after reading the post.

It is in no way assertive. The post sent to them will include the information showing the ability to drive in results. Giving the prospects suggestions that they look at new information should not threaten them, especially if the brand has taken time to build connections with them and understand their needs.

Boost the email CTRs

People won’t spend more than 2 seconds on the email if they don’t find the content relatable or helpful. Here are some strategies to boost the B2B email marketing CTRs.

1. Get them hooked with an interesting subject line

Get them hooked with an interesting subject line 

Improving B2B email open rates begins with creating a captivating subject line that grabs the subscribers’ attention. If the subscribers don’t even open the mail, they definitely won’t be able to click the links in the email.

2. Consistency is key

Nobody likes to be click-baited. Be it articles, videos, or emails. The subscribers are looking for specific things, and if they are not delivered, they will grow uninterested and unsubscribe from the list.

So, to keep things interesting, quality content should be delivered, consistently. Quality content undertakes everything from new updates and news to promotional events and gifts.

Many of us have subscribed to a few newsletters that are among the most awaited. The instant that those are delivered in the inbox, we stop everything and start reading those. It is only because of one thing, it provides valuable content- Consistently.

Always keep in mind that the emails should surprise, impress and give value to the subscriber. If all these things are taken care of, an untapped flow of eager subscribers will keep joining the list and the list will keep on growing.

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3. End at a cliffhanger

In the case of email marketing, always leave the subscribers wanting more. If clicking through to the website is the objective in mind, offer them some information to engage them. Brands should not give every bit of information now. Instead, finishing off with a “know more……” with the link or button attached will get more website visits.

Bonus CTR-boosting tips:

  • Use high quality images in the emails and offer more contextual information to the readers.
  • Creating CTA buttons which guide the reader to the next action.

Creating CTA buttons


How to convert leads and earn more sales?

1. Use auto email responses

B2B email marketing automation is a gold-mine in terms of saving time. It can be used for segmentation. The different groups can be offered different types of information in different types of email. These can be sent at different times of the week. Using  Email Marketing tools such as Mailchimp where you can schedule emails in advance will be helpful.

This is a really great method for creating a sense of urgency among the subscribers. Increasing the frequency of emails and highlighting discounted prices helps portray the time-sensitive deals. Incorporating these B2B email campaign tips and leveraging email marketing automation can enhance engagement and drive results for businesses. Only thing to keep in mind is not to spam people if they don’t expect to hear from you often. 

2. Use data analytics

Use data analytics


B2B email marketing metrics are essential for understanding customer behavior and optimizing email campaigns. This data is useful for designing new emails. A variety of metrics are offered by different email marketing service providers.

The important metrics that should be under monitoring at all times are CTR, open rate and the number of users who unsubscribed.

3. A/B testing

AB testing 


Segmentation in B2B email marketing offers many great features, one of which is A/B testing. This feature offers testing two different emails with minor changes between them to see which of them works best before sending out the emails to the list.

This testing is done to check which of the emails has better engagement. The best email is then sent out to the complete email list.

B2B email marketing A/B testing helps in gathering insights, as to what works. This includes copy, images, design, colour scheme, content, layout, links. These insights help in designing and optimising future email campaigns.

Email marketing is one of the best methods to turn your business into a successful venture. It is one of the best investments you can have for your business, as the returns for the investment is that your business grows and your revenue boosts.

Email marketing analytics help you understand what are the key areas where you need to focus and optimise the campaign for better results. 

At We Think North, our experienced email marketers will help your business reach the heights you want. Just leave us your query and we will get back to you with the solutions.

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