Kickstart your brand’s
social media marketing

starting at just Rs. 50,000!

Social media marketing taking a backseat in the early days of your business operations? This is costing you in terms of brand awareness – at a time you need it most. With this package, we establish your brand on social platforms, while you focus on building your business.

What do you get ?

Comprehensive social media strategy

Copywriting, designing and posting services for 10 posts

Reporting and optimisation

Hear from happy clients

“Attention to detail, and commitment”

‘Anuradha and the team have taken care of the execution of my social media strategy for the last 2 years. They take the trouble to understand their clients’ business, audience, and challenges in order to support all deliverables.’

Sailaja Manacha
Founder – Physis

“Use of analytics and actionable insights”

‘The team at We Think North walked with me every step of the way as I built and established my brand – from carving out a unique space for MyoTea to developing all of my digital real estate to strategising for future growth. They truly understood the heritage and emotions behind my brand and brought them out beautifully with every asset they created.’

Prachee Kasera
Founder – MyoTea

A fair chance for young brands…

Here at We Think North, we have often seen young brands and MSMEs defer social media efforts because there’s just too much to do, and too many other costs to worry about.

And that causes them to lose out against more established brands. After all, social media drives immense results in terms of brand building and awareness at the early stages of the journey.

That’s why we curated this affordable package, exclusively for MSMEs.

Starts at just Rs. 50,000

Gets you started on building a social media presence

Limited time offer, valid for 3 months

Offers services that are typically priced at

Frequently asked questions

I am still building by brand. Do I need a social media strategy?
Yes, the sooner you start, the better. At this stage, you want to spread the word about your brand’s offerings to as many people as you can – and social media will help you build this awareness.
I haven’t seen great results from social media marketing in the past. Why is that?
This happens when your strategy is not sound. Read this blog to understand the roadblocks better. Then, book a call with us to discuss your goals.
Can social media help drive sales?
Yes, you can absolutely integrate social media into your sales strategy. But unless you do it right, you will not see results without massive spends. Fortunately, our team specialises in designing impactful strategies based on your goals.
I don’t have a website yet. Can I establish my brands on social media?
Yes, you can have a social-first strategy to begin with. However, as you grow, we recommend you build and set up your own website.
Are there any hidden charges in this package?
No! The basic services as described above will cost you just Rs. 50,000 as promised. If you need any other services above and beyond this, extra charges will apply. However, we will discuss this transparently with you before we begin. No unpleasant surprises here!