As 2023 is rising, we would like to talk about how and why data will matter. In the coming years, data will take on a new meaning for marketers, as people will start protecting their personal information and will only share this information with the organisation they have a trust on.

Many of the digital marketers have been using emails for the purpose of marketing, only a few know how to use them correctly which can increase their efficiency and growth.

Many people say that they open their inbox at least once daily. This presents a great opportunity to get the brand in front of many people.

Here are some of the best tips for capturing data and engagement.

1. Understand Your Audience

Make sure you understand your target audience. Not just their names and email addresses but what are their likes and dislikes because this will help in increasing the email list and the open rates of the email driving in more engagement.

2. Personalization

Fact of the matter is, that personalisation works, 100%. Approximately 75% of the businesses say that customers are willing to spend more than the average when they receive a personalised experience. Writing a personalised email to your customers will make them feel valued and they will spend more.

3. Catchy subject line

If there is one thing that should not be underestimated in email marketing, it is the subject line. Catchy subject lines are one of the most powerful things in the email. The first point of visual contact is the subject line, and if that is intriguing, only then the recipient opens the mail. So keeping a striking subject line is important.

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There are numerous ways of getting the recipient’s attention with the headline. Some of the most common and best methods are:

  • Getting personal with the recipient – using the name in the subject line, or something the recipient will relate to.
  • Be humorous – Using humour in email might sound like a silly idea, but it will make the recipient smile or it might pique their interest. Either way, the email and the business get noticed.
  • Emoji – Nowadays using and seeing emojis in text is normal. Using relevant emojis in the email is helpful in increasing the interest of the recipients.
  • Give hints about the content – The subject should be a reflection of the content in the email. So the headline should be relevant to the content of the email.
  • Pique their curiosity – People have FOMO, fear of missing out. Use this to drive in more business. Give them news of upcoming events, sales etc.

4. Cleaning email lists

Email lists should be monitored. All the emails stored in the mailing list should be permitted. The person who unsubscribes from the mailing list should be removed from all the mailing lists.

If there is a pool of inactive email subscribers, first try and establish contact and try to re-engage. If nothing works, it is better to remove them. A small list of interested people is better than a huge pool of uninterested people.

5. Relevancy should be maintained

If someone clicked on the email, their journey should be the easiest possible. Don’t send a prospect to the website. Correct landing pages need to be linked from the email based on the context of the emails, so that relevancy is maintained.

Include all the social media handles on the mail. It makes it easy for the subscribers to follow the brand on social media.

6. A good UI and UX is key

It is of the utmost importance, to create a seamless experience for all the customers, all the channels. For example, there is some discount on the product, the next step should be a page which gives a description of the same product with a CTA to complete the purchase.

In other words, if you are offering a 20 percent discount on a product, the next touchpoint should be a page that gives an overview or description of that product with a simple CTA to enable purchase.

7. Using AI

Artificial intelligence or AI, as it is generally known, is a great tool for email marketing. AI based writing tools can help design the content for the email, and AI based delivery platforms can automate the processes to increase engagement.

AI based tools can help in writing the email copies, help in optimising the email and their sent timings and send newsletters.

8. Learn from competitors

One of the best methods to create an effective email campaign is to check out the competition. Businesses can learn new tips from the competitors’ emails. They can learn how to increase engagement, and how to increase subscribe rate.

Tips for small businesses

Considering a small business, email marketing is one of the most effective methods to increase engagement. One advantage of a small business is that it understands the needs of their customers. It enables them to personalise the content that will appeal to the audience.

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Marketing tips for B2B companies

B2B companies face the challenge where there is a long wait period between a prospect and becoming a customer. This puts email marketing in the front seat as the preferred marketing channel which provides all the important information and updates to the leads and nurtures them before finally converting them into customers.

1. Downloadables

Information with graphics or Infographics are important. They provide quality content in a specific area. They help in re-engaging the recipients of the emails.

2. Customer testimonials

Endorse the products and provide positive feedback about the products. This helps in increasing trust in the brand.

3. Case studies

Case studies do a really good job at providing insights into the business, but they are also time consuming. Showcase them as a highlight in a video or precise text, which leads prospects to a custom landing page.

Email marketing is one of the best methods to grow your business and make people aware about the business and ongoing discounts/offers. If email marketing is done correctly, it can bring a huge amount of business earnings, thereby making your business and brand a successful one.

At We Think North, we will help you focus on growing your business, and the email marketing list with the help of our experienced marketing professionals. Visit our website and leave us your query and we will revert back to you with the answers.

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